Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Tamaki Haiga Short Grain Rice

This is Tamaki Haiga Short Grain Rice.  Haiga-mai is a type of brown rice with the outer bran removed while keeping the nutritious haiga or the germ, intact.  It is also called as half polished rice. 

This is what we currently eat for our rice.  The regular price on this 15 pounds bag is $30.98.  It is on sale at Marukai this week (until this Thursday) for only $20.98.  That's a saving of $10. 

What I like about this rice:

1. It is packaged in 3 bags of 5 pounds each.  I like it this way because it will keep the freshness as we only need to open one bag each time we finished.

2. It is easy to cook with a rice cooker although initial adjustment may be needed. For me, I will add 1 cup of water to 1 cup of rice. If you have brown rice setting on your rice cooker, use that. Or else, like me, I leave the lid ajar when cooking the rice to give air to avoid water bubble overflow.

3.  It is a type of brown rice so the texture is chewy yet fluffy.