Saturday, April 16, 2011

Pumpkin Patch Transport Boy's Briefs Set

My boy is now 5, and needs a new set of briefs. He has been wearing Pumpkin Patch and I find them fitting for him. So I thought I would buy them again. They are rather expensive without sales.

This time, I visited the Pumpkin Patch retail store at Los Cerritos Mall. There are not many Pumpkin Patch retails around LA area. We were on our way up to Culver City and this is one of the mall that is just off the 605 freeway. It was not on sale, and the price listed on this Transport boy's briefs size 4-6yrs is $14.95 for 5-pk. I bought it because I like their style, the transportation design and not-so-bright color.

Pumpkin Patch Transport Briefs $14.95/5-pk

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