Sunday, May 27, 2012

Circus Vargas Westminster

As a child, I love going to circus with my family.  Why?  Not because of the performances, but because of all the food I could enjoy at the circus - cotton candies, roasted corns, slushies and more.  I remember how the circus had animals performances but not anymore now.  At least not at Circus Vargas.

A friend had invited our family to join hers for an outing to Circus Vargas recently.  We bought our tickets online.  I surprised my family the next day that we'd be heading to Circus Vargas on Sunday.  My son was ecstatic.  He has heard about circus from a tv show but hasn't been to one.  He kept asking us everyday about the circus and on the day of the event, he asked us how long more before heading out to the circus. 

I didn't have any expectation going to the circus for this new generation.  However, Circus Vargas surprised me with its uplifting performers and shows.  It brings circus to a new level.  I really enjoyed when they invited kids and parents to sit around the ring and let the kids to have first hand being a performers in the center stage.  The kids played the hula hoops, balancing with a peacock feather and juggling with handkerchief.  What can be more fun than for the kids to have first hand experience than this.

The show was a little under 2 hours long with an approximately 10 minutes intermission.  Overall experience was magnificent.  Well worth the price we paid for the tickets ($25 for arena bleacher seating).

Entrance to the arena

The seating in the arena

The ring in the center

View from our seats

Circus Vargas
May 24th to June 4th - Westminster at Westminster Mall
June 7th to 11th - Santa Ana at Westfield Main Place
June 14th to 25th - Irvine at Irvine Spectrum

Circus Vargas FAQ

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