Sunday, July 1, 2012

Buy Backpack and Free Lunch Bag

The promo is back at Toys 'R' Us!!!  Buy any backpack and get any lunch bag $9.99 and under for free. 
The last time we got my son's backpack was 2 years ago and it was the same deal, also at Toys 'R' Us.  But now that Domo's lunch bag has interior damage and his Domo's backpack is slightly too small for 1st grade. So we got him new one this year.

The backpack is a bit too big, but this is the only one without any big cartoon such as Mario, Angry Bird, Avengers, Spiderman and so on.  I hope there is no one else in his class using the same back pack. 

We paid $14.99 plus sales tax for the backpack and the Ninja lunch bag $9.99 came free!

1 comment:

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