Saturday, October 12, 2013

Sebamed at Costco

Surprised to see Sebamed products in USA at Costco.  I've known this skincare line for a long time from my visit to Malaysia.  My aunt always buy this brand for her family especially the body wash.  All the products has a pH of 5.5 which is very healthy for the skin. 

When I saw the table with all the different Sebamed items, I went to check them out.  The lady said this German company had just started their USA retail two years ago and that she is having the road show promotion at this Costco (Tustin the District) for two weeks.  She said the items are sold at a discounted price, almost like buy one get one free. 

I was interested in the eye cream.  The price for one is $34.99 outside according to her.  But at this road show, they are selling 2 item for this price.  I can choose to buy 2 boxes of eye cream or 1 eye cream and 1 moisturizer.  I bought the combo deal with 1 eye cream and 1 moisturizer.

These two items I bought have the Co-enzyme Q10 which supposedly help to reduce fine line and wrinkle.  I can see fine lines emerging on the side of my eyes thus I need a quick fix for it.  I also needed a new bottle of face cream for night time use.  It says on the box that visible improvement can be seen in as short as 28 days.  I'll find out about that and attest to it.

When I came home, I went to Sebamed US website and saw that they are selling this product for $29.95 each on their website.  It is not really $34.99 like what the lady told me.  But it is definitely a great deal to get two items just for $34.99 plus tax.

You can find them at Costco at the Tustin District from Oct 11th to Oct 20th 2013.

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